Play Campaign URL Builder

Smart, fast and easy to use online tool built to Build Play Campaign URLs.

Enter the Play campaign information

Fill out all fields marked with an asterisk (*), and the campaign URL will be generated for you.

The Ad Network you are using

The final package that is used in your built .apk's manifest, e.g. com.example.application

The referrer(, citysearch, newsletter)

Marketing medium (e.g.cpc, banner, email)

paid keywords, e.g. running+shoes

ad-specific content used to differentiate ads

Product, promo code, or slogan (e.g.spring_sale) One of campaign name or campaign id are required.

OUTPUT: (Play Campaign URL)

Play Campaign URL Builder

In the world of digital marketing, understanding your audience and how they interact with your campaigns is crucial. The Play Campaign URL Builder is a tool designed to empower marketers by providing valuable insights into campaign performance.

What is the Play Campaign URL Builder?

The Play Campaign URL Builder is an innovative tool that allows you to create custom URLs for your online marketing campaigns. These URLs are embedded with UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters, which enable you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns in Google Analytics.

UTM parameters are simple codes that you can attach to a custom URL to track a source, medium, and campaign name. This enables Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.

Why Use the Play Campaign URL Builder?

The Play Campaign URL Builder offers several key benefits that can enhance your digital marketing efforts:

  • Detailed Campaign Tracking: The Play Campaign URL Builder allows you to track the source, medium, and campaign name. This means you can identify exactly where your traffic is coming from, whether it's from a newsletter, social media ad, or another source. This level of detail can provide valuable insights into which marketing channels are most effective for your business.
  • Improved ROI: By understanding which campaigns are driving traffic and conversions, you can allocate your marketing budget more effectively. This can lead to improved return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns.
  • Easy to Use: With its user-friendly interface, the Play Campaign URL Builder makes it easy for anyone to generate custom URLs. This means you don't need to be a technical expert to use this tool.

How to Use the Play Campaign URL Builder

Using the Play Campaign URL Builder is straightforward. You start by entering your website URL, then add campaign tracking parameters such as the campaign source, medium, and name. The tool then generates a custom URL with these parameters.

For example, if you're running a summer sale via an email campaign, your URL might look something like this:

When a user clicks on this URL, the tags that you've included will be sent back to your Google Analytics for tracking.


In conclusion, the Play Campaign URL Builder is a game changer for digital marketers. It simplifies the process of tracking campaign performance, providing valuable insights that can help you optimize your marketing strategy.

By understanding where your traffic is coming from and which campaigns are driving conversions, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing efforts. So why wait? Start using the Play Campaign URL Builder today and take your digital marketing to the next level!